4AM: The Heart is a Vault

We Are Still Supposed To Be Slaves
April 10, 2021
April 13, 2021

“4AM: The Heart is a Vault” by D Scales

Love is intoxicating. What is love to you? What does that mean in your life? Regardless, your understanding of love is shaped by your experiences with it. ”Love will never hurt you. It’s the people that misuse it.” It’s a simple quote, but meaningful. We spend too much of our time looking at all the bad moments in relationships while minimizing the good parts. We are more prone to doubt something good and quickly believe the bad. Why is that? Interestingly enough, I don’t attempt to answer any of those questions because only you know how love has affected you. One thing we do have in common is placing all of our experiences in a vault. In other words, so much more is felt than said. Cheers to you and your experiences. My thoughts are naked. Love is addicting.

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