8 Conversations to Have with Your Son

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April 19, 2020
April 24, 2020

8 Conversations to Have with Your Son” by John Martin Sr

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Boys struggle with identity and self-confidence now more than ever. With social media validation and cyber bullying, there are so many boys having issues with self-worth. This next generation of boys need strong guidance and direction with a sense of self.
John Martin Sr., author takes you through several topics that can encourage your child to think great about themselves. In this world, self- confidence is a learned trait that needs to be groomed and molded at an early stage of life. Having the right conversations with your child can spark a positive outlook and help him navigate through the world.

Mr. Martin Sr. has taken his personal experiences of being a full-time father for the last twenty years, along with his psychology background and created an easy manual for parents to read and grasp. His vivid recollection of events and thoughts will have you intrigued to read more.

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