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December 1, 2020
Haunted River
December 13, 2020

A Final Reminder” by Buzz McCord

Ethical clouds threaten Arctan International and billionaire founder Dr. Dirk Samuelson’s newest achievement, an invention that can stop pandemics by tracking every person, every move, every breath.
Under pressure from a new, more deadly virus, a team of Arctan elites is at work to create the ultimate, computer-connected, Augmented Human. Will they be done in time to help head off the pandemic?
Implanted in young scientist, Matt County, the Intelligence quickly grows a personality. It names itself Soh.
With Soh’s help, the team is surprised to uncover that an Arctan insider has started a criminal ring centered in Vietnam.
Matt and his boss Souchi are sent to investigate. In richly sensuous Ho Chi Minh City, they fall in love.
But the romance becomes an uneasy triangle. Soh is growing up.
Recruiting a ragtag bunch of locals, Matt, Soh and Souchi discover that the crime is more sinister than they imagined: a diabolical foe and a malignant foreign power look to take over Arctan itself. They race against time and the spreading virus.
Blackmail, sex-slavery, abduction, murder. Will the power of Arctan be turned to evil? How far will either side go to win? Will the pandemic make it pointless?
A Final Reminder describes a future coming soon to a reality near you.

Ride with a rich cast of characters on a roller coaster of innovation, technology, despicable crime and thrills! Including the brain-machine interface, computer surveillance, sex-trafficking, Big Data, enterprise software, data analytics, space-based communications, international terrorism, Korean cuisine, the dive bar scene in Mission, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, pharmaceutical sleep learning, Polish soul food, hair-raising Ho Chi Minh City traffic, and motorcycle chases through Vietnamese sidewalk restaurants.
When you’re not learning, you’ll be dodging bullets, lasers and humorous zingers.

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