“Inimicus: True Enemy” by Ellie Jones-Vixon

As a war with a genetically advanced alien race drags on and a new drug sweeps through the galaxy, an army deserter, a revolutionary warrior and a morally fluid woman live their lives on the run from the most powerful man in the galaxy and he’s quickly gaining on them.

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“The Haunting of Hatfield Manor” by  E. Broom

| Amazon UK |

Graham Thatcher is living his best life after being adopted into the Thatcher family — A family of super cool witches, and a Gramps who looks like Gandalf.

His friends invite him out for an evening of fun at a local haunted Georgian manor. Sure, Graham lives in a house with ghosts, his dead brother Duncan, and a Roman soldier called Octavian, but this is like a real, proper haunted manor.

Hoping for an evening of light-hearted fun, what they encounter is much more sinister.

Only with the help of his family, some of the paranormal crew, and two angels are they able to stop the evil in the house.

And if Graham finds love along the way, well that’s just a bonus.

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“The Book of Browns” by E. Philip Brown

The Book of Browns looks at the history of the surname Brown and the people who are fortunate to share the same last name. Many famous people from all walks of life have this common surname but that does not mean they are ordinary.

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https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BFFP3KJX/“Gods of the Garden” by Robin Strong

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The perfect project to help her win. A maddening moral crisis. Will she choose what’s right even if it means losing it all?

Lucy Fernández must succeed. The whip-smart, straight-A student is driven to fulfill her parents’ expectations and earn her way into MIT. So when her nerdy but brilliant neighbor Ian offers to team up for a prestigious STEM contest that could guarantee her admission, she gladly accepts.

Despite Ian’s outcast status, Lucy knows his VR program is the key to winning the competition. Inside his hyper-realistic virtual world, the two teens get to call the shots, manipulating the simulation and its inhabitants as they please. Everything is going as planned as the tournament nears. But when Lucy realizes the digital humans might be sentient, she questions their god-like behavior.

With her future dreams within reach, will Lucy risk it all to save the world she’s come to love?
With richly imaginative settings, a science-fiction twist, and big-hearted moments, Robin Strong’s YA coming-of-age story speaks to the modern teens’ struggle to find themselves amidst the fury of external expectations.

Gods of the Garden is the thought-provoking first book of The Garden series. It is the ideal book for anyone who prefers compassion and curiosity over rigid obedience.

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“The Loop” by Dylan Thos. Good

| Website |

Revenge. Perversity. Drugs. …And the party hasn’t even started yet!

The blue-collar workers of LeisureFace Timeshare Condominiums just found out their jobs are on the chopping block due to a corporate takeover. Even worse, it’s all being orchestrated by their greedy CEO, Cles Gubbins, who’s guaranteed a cushy retirement once the sale pans out.

Seeing the upcoming company Christmas party as their last chance to get even, the soon-to-be-unemployed staff members jump into action to show they aren’t going quietly!

As they prepare to blow apart their scumbag CEO’s perfect plan, the team comes together as friends. Can they give one another the courage to break their self-destructive patterns–their ‘loops’–and finally achieve their dreams?

To find out, come visit LeisureFace…where everyone knows everyone, and secrets don’t stay hidden for long!

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“Back to You” by Jada Stone

After failed marriages, Luke and Savannah move back to Willow Bend unbeknownst to each other. The day they bump into each other, old flames ignite… but is it too late to return to their first love?

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“Dha and the Spear” by Beau Hunt

Girl Power! The Character Dha was inspired by a Girl I Call D. She was a High school Sports All Stater who had an accident and broke both legs. She was sad at her prospects to ever Competing again. Some one sent her a Javelin in the Mail with a note that Said I think you can throw this farther than anyone in the state. the following year She Threw the Javelin and won a State Championship in The Javelin throw. Then received a Colligate Track and field Scholarship. This girl was Might!

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“Motherhood My Way” by Harsharan Gill-Kent

In our current world, motherhood can be portrayed as draining and tiring when it is the most empowering journey a woman takes in her life. There is so much learning and knowledge that we acquire when playing a role of a mother, about ourselves and our little ones that it changes us in a very positive way forever. Motherhood My Way is a book for mothers and for women who are planning to head into the motherhood. The book is a great tool for mothers to understand how outside world impacts our motherhood journeys and empower them to take charge of their own path. What can we do to prioritise our goals and self care and incorporate them well into our motherhood so that we do not lose ourselves in this journey. This book enables to you to take charge of your journey and discover who you are truly destined to be. The book mentions different tools such as self-awareness, meditation and self-care to allow mothers to stay in tune with their mind and body.

Harsharan Gill-Kent has covered different aspects of what goes on in a mothers life and mind during motherhood and how to tackle these different scenarios and empower yourself and others around you by taking a very non-judgemental approach.

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“Torn Lives” by Yolanda Kinlock 

| Love Before Vengeance | A Violent Turn Part II |

Torn Lives captivates pain, love, lust, and revenge in one breath. Passion bores through souls while the heart yearns to seek revenge. Secrets are unfolded, lives are destroyed, but will time heal their wounds? If no one hears their secrets, then no one can reveal their secrets. Do we judge people for their actions, or do we show compassion for their transgressions?

The stories in Torn Lives bring to life real issues that most people do not want to talk about. Instead they bury the pain and pray that no one will ever find out. But where there is mystery and curiosity, their secrets will be exposed. Each storyline elaborates on incidents and emotions most people or someone in one’s life can relate to. In Torn Lives love and war are seen from different perspectives; the heart mourns and the heart heals. But in life we must all know that there will always be trials and tribulations. How one chooses to cope with his or her own situation may lead to more destruction. Torn Lives will take you to a place where you will feel the different emotions.

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Chiara Neri, whose childhood was marked by the shadow of failure, has now become a brilliant lawyer, with a particular talent for negotiation. When she discovers that the “Goldstein’s deal,” the law firm’s takeover of the year, is actually a cover for the disclosure of confidential information to a criminal organization, Chiara will find herself caught in the middle of the storm, among an unscrupulous group of people who will serve her on a silver platter what she has most desired in life: power.
As her soul turns black, she will discover the price to be paid by those who are willing to achieve greatness at any cost, in an intriguing journey of self awareness.

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“Minimalist Engineer’s Guide to Money, Time, Sex, Anxiety, Relationships, and Everything in Between” by Jin Whan Bae

| Instagram |

Life is a mess. Things only get complicated the older we get. In a matter of years, we go from kids having to raise hands to go to the bathroom, to adults that are expected to set up livelihoods, while juggling ten other things. In this rapidly changing world, it’s hard to find useful advice that both educate and console us. This book hopes to address the issue of our young adults’ anxiety and improve their financial, social, physical, and emotional health by applying minimalist, robust, and sustainable design solutions to the mess we are in. Written in a tone you’d see on a group chat somewhere, this book navigates various aspects of our lives in hopes to provide wisdom and consolation.

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“Hindsight: The 7 Keys to Living Your Best Life” by Earl Waud

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

As a father of three girls, and a grandfather of four boys, I want to teach them how to best navigate the challenges that come their way, to be successful, and to live their best life. I have been on a journey of study and growth since I was ten years old, and that journey taught me the most important lessons of success. Still, I never knew how to share all of that knowledge in an easy to follow way that would serve my kids and grandkids, until I wrote the book Hindsight. Through Hindsight I’ve found the way to leave a legacy for my kids, grandkids, and for anyone who reads the book. Hindsight provides 7 keys that are actionable and easy to apply to your life. Now it is helping my family and serving as a guide for others to live their best life too.

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“A Basketball Story” by Miles Davis-Majors

| Instagram | YouTube |

A Basketball Story follows Coach Miles Davis and his youth basketball team on their road to victory. But as the team inches closer to the championship game, Coach Miles notices something different about the players; has their winning streak gone to their heads? Will they be able to put their pride aside before the big game, or will they crumble under their own hubris?

Entertain your child with this thrilling tale while teaching important life lessons, such as:

  • How to remain humble, even when experiencing success
  • To maintain a positive outlook in the face of adversity
  • To focus on the bigger picture

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“Glitched” by Tiffany Yao

| Website | Facebook | Instagram |

Kashmira lived an ordinary life until an army of invaders sacked her city and left her for dead. When she awakens, she discovers she is a glitch in a virtual reality video game – destined only for deletion by the bots that hunt her.

Dugan is a bitterly disgruntled engineer who played a pivotal role in the creation of virtual reality games and the NPCs who inhabit them. Fired from the company he helped found, he seeks only revenge.

In a chance encounter, Dugan sees in Kashmira a tool to sabotage the games and avenge himself, and through him, Kashmira finds the help she desperately needs. As they traverse the worlds of virtual reality and their friendship deepens, it will take everything they have not only for her to win her freedom and survive, but also to answer the fundamental question of what “life” is.

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“22 Business Affirmations for Executives & Entrepreneurs” by Toyia Jackson

| Website |

Executives and entrepreneurs have a high calling. They have the ability to to empower others and affect the economy. This short read has 22 important reminders for those in the position of leadership.

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“Once Upon a Murderous Delusion” by A.G. Russo

The year is 1980 in a small, sleepy New England town. Out of nowhere, a series of devastating murders threaten the safety and well-being of the community. A serial killer has begun a deadly game of catch-me-if-you-can with local police, who have dubbed the carnage, “The Mommy Murders.”

Frightened residents are certain the violent rape/murders are in some way connected to the psychiatric unit of Parkhirst General Hospital. Nella, a nurse angst-ridden by her service during the Vietnam War, is new to the area and the hospital. She joins the tight-knit group of nurses on the evening shift. Val, the leader of the group, with her own history of trauma, believes it stems from the prejudice their patients suffer from a community unsympathetic to mental illness. Or is evil closer to home than they think?

Kurt, the investigator assigned to the case, and Val’s husband, must deal with town politics, but he convinces the police chief to call in the FBI, who support Kurt more than his own department. Can the police stop the cunning killer as he continues to terrorize the community and murder young mothers?

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“Rise of the Water Margin” by Christopher Bates

| Facebook |

Rise of the Water Margin immerses the reader in a near-future world grounded in American and Chinese cultural and political landscapes bickering over climate responsibility wherein technology challenges humanity to redefine its relationship with the Earth. Nations seek to leverage and subvert technology to further political ambitions while losing sight of human elements beyond their control – lust, corruption, greed, piety, revenge, freedom of expression and longing for acceptance. In the background is the tangled whorl of the Jianghu – the Rivers and Lakes of China’s wuxia demimonde– ever seeking to evade the surveillance state, ever seeking justice in an unjust world.

Chinese People’s Liberation Army Major Lin Chong is framed, disgraced, and on the run. Hunted for a trumped-up act of treason and manslaughter, the resourceful leader of China’s elite cyber-warfare unit takes refuge at a hacker enclave in one of China’s deserted “ghost cities.” Devastated by his wife’s suicide, he unleashes a cyber-weapon that threatens to draw China and the US into a nuclear war.

Dr. Mili Parekh, the brilliant head of the US National Security Agency’s Attribution Division, is tasked to identify the source of the attack. Parekh’s technical skills point to China’s culpability in the cyber-attack, and to Major Lin himself. Complicating matters for the wheelchair-bound Parekh are nagging doubts about another entity emerging in her analysis—and its possible links to Lin.

Christopher Bates has been doing business in China since 1982, is fluent in Mandarin and lived in Asia for over 40 years. His insights have been published in Harvard’s Negotiation Journal and the Journal of Asian Martial Art. This is his second novel.

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“100 BITTY-CUP STORIES” by Rudy Perez

Tiny tales that can be consumed quickly in short bites and that leave a pleasant taste in the palate of the psyche. I’ve provided artistic backgrounds for each and every story. All are one-page reads. Themes run the gamut from chilling crime to zestful fantasy. Try my book, you’ll like it.

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“Behavioral Astrology” by Charlie Emerson

How to Interpret Your Relationships, Soul, and Self Through the Zodiac Signs

The key to life is in your birth chart — the ultimate tool to help you understand yourself, discover your life’s meaning, and take control of your future.

Why do I feel anxious all the time? When will I find ‘the one’? What is my purpose in this life?

We’re all on a never-ending quest for guidance, answers, and solutions.

You may spend hours completing personality tests, reading self-help books, or visiting a tarot reader who will give you a glimpse of your fate.

It’s only natural that you want to know yourself better, make sense of the world around you, and seek out tools to help you overcome challenges.

That’s the main reason why behavioral astrology exists — to answer questions about you.

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“Cartwheels In The Dark” by Karla Jordan

| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

After twenty years, Kallie Douglas is headed back to Somerfield, Maine, the one place on earth she promised herself she’d never return. She isn’t staying long, just long enough to say goodbye to an old friend who has passed away and to take care of the estate left in her care. But when an old newspaper clipping surfaces detailing a missing person’s case near her family’s home, Kallie suddenly finds herself haunted by a series of dark memories and unsettling questions she can’t answer.

Pursuing those questions means staying in a town where people make their own rules and don’t take kindly to outsiders who ask too many questions. But Somerfield’s past is Kallie’s past. It’s secrets, her secrets, and soon it becomes clear that in order to move on with her life, she must find the strength to confront long-buried family secrets-and come face to face with her past. Even if it means putting her own life in danger, because she knows it will.

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“Reflections: A journey through life” by Jesus Valencia

| Twitter | Instagram |

Reflections: A Journey through Life is more than just a poetry book, it’s a transformative pilgrimage of the soul, heart, and mind. Moreover, it’s a true story of overcoming hardship and finding hope, even in the most dire of circumstances. Through heart felt poetic storytelling, Jesus Valencia illustrates his personal experiences spanning five decades of his lifetime, including serving his country, navigating substance abuse, and living abroad in Korea. The relatable struggles and victories within these pages serve as a reminder of our undeniable inter connectivity and that we are never completely alone on this beautifully tumultuous journey. Above all, we are reminded that “[we] need darkness / to see the stars, and / sometimes courage / can be the same.”

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“VIVE LA DIFFERENCE: A Frenchman’s Perspective on Love, Respect and Relationships” by Guy Blaise

| Website | Instagram |

“VIVE LA DIFFERENCE” has given voice to American women who have traded their professional and financial opportunities for unsatisfying relationships. Guy highlights and encourages women to reclaim the honor that they have relinquished. What is love without respect? Is it even love? His honest observation makes an American woman want to move to France.

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Awakened Dawn (Blood and Darkness Book 1)” by Aria Storm

| Twitter |

Mavis was my name, and you could say I have had a bit of a tough go. Following a tremendous personal loss, I was entombed by my own daughter rather than allow me to expose our secret to the world.

I woke up in a mausoleum and two centuries have passed. All I want to do is drink a bit of blood and maybe find a beautiful modern maiden to entertain what’s left of my soul. However, sinister forces are ever at play in my world.

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Get Your Copy Free! Nov. 8th!

“Prey for the April Fool” by C.N. Ricks

Dr. Wilder, respected Cleveland doctor, may have been born on April 1st, but he is no joke. He has vowed to get even with his ‘deadbeat’ dad, James Burns. James has his own problems trying to keep a family secret that may tear his beautiful twin daughter’s lives apart. Fast paced, multicultural drama, filled with love, sibling rivalry, jealousy, revenge, and murder.

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“Lethal Control: A Doctor Nora Kelly Mystery” by Kate Scannell

| Website |

A mysterious blue patient is abandoned at Oakland City Hospital and cries out for her young daughter before passing out. Doctor Nora Kelly must struggle against the clock to diagnose her patient’s life-threatening illness and mysterious discoloration. The task becomes more difficult when the patient awakens but refuses to speak with anyone on staff, fearing reprisals from immigration and child-protection authorities.
Nora suspects that her patient’s illness is caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, and she worries that others in the community may be endangered as well. But the patient remains silent. Only after learning that Nora saved her life does she agree to answer Nora’s burning questions—still, for a price. In return, Nora must deliver a confidential message to her daughter.
Nora’s end of that bargain is the beginning of a perilous journey that leads to a homeless encampment at a decrepit local stadium site. With the help of her colleagues, she desperately searches for the daughter as she also discovers that other encampment residents have succumbed to toxic exposures. Her insistent attempts to prove the site’s environmental contamination come up against powerful systemic forces and trigger dangerous personal consequences.
From Blue Ink Review: “Scannell excels at characterization, bringing a vibrancy to individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, from debutantes to homeless individuals. … The plot is taut and engaging, moving adroitly among a plethora of locations throughout Oakland and revealing both its troubling facets and engaging quirks. … Lethal Control will appeal to mystery fans, as well as those of an activist bent.”

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“Fate Takes A Hike” by B.D. Storey

| Website | Facebook | Instagram | Barnes and Noble |

Josie Callison was a single mother of one, living with her mom in Azton, WA, where she grew up. The past few years had been hard on Josie. First she lost her husband suddenly. A year later, her father passed away quietly in his sleep. It seemed only right to move back home to help her mother with the struggling family business and take time to heal and raise her daughter.

Jacob Berman, widower and former soldier, has seen his share of death, the latest being the loss of his wife and child. Living alone and keeping mostly to himself gave him time to work on the plan made by him and his wife for their future in Azton. Swearing off dating ensured that nothing else could cause his heart and soul any more pain.

On that clear and beautiful Saturday, neither expected to be falling down a hill or rescuing a damsel in distress. But, as we all know, Fate rarely asks us for our input when planning our lives. When Fate decides that two broken hearts can heal each other, it will use all the tools at its disposal to put those hearts on the same path. That includes a demonic rabbit intent on hiker mauling.

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“Vellicate Rain” by Herman Delafosse Kopa

Vellicate Rain is a playful story about a sunny town.

Everyone in the town is used to their sunny warm days,

but they are now faced with a new disaster.

Audra, the new little girl in town, must use her mind and her courage to resolve a mess the town finds itself in.

Gollow the exciting journey of how joy and excitement are brought back to the town.

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“The Keepers (Connor Book 1)” by Dormaine G

| Facebook | Twitter |

After young Connor is gifted with superhuman abilities, her life changes. When she learns of others like her, Connor sets on a path to discover her true origin.

Soon, she understands that her whole life has been a lie. The dreaded Inhumans, who have been here for longer than anyone can remember, are coming for her. And among them, a powerful adversary only known as Ronin.

In a world of powerful villains and fragile friendships, are Connor’s powers a gift or a curse?

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“Kaijuology: The Book of Giant Monsters” by Layne A. Wyman

| Facebook |

The giant monsters known as Kaiju have become a staple of modern media such as the famous Godzilla and King Kong that rule the silver screen.

But what if such enormous creatures were not mere fantasy, what if kaiju really did roam our planet; smashing cities and battling for dominance.

Kaijuology presents a unique look at a world where giant beasts run amok, featuring over 20 monsters with detailed descriptions and artwork. Discover the might of Megasaurus ,the terror of Laundorah and the mystery of Draguirus.

The world of kaiju has come to life.

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“Daniele: The Last Pope” by Arthur Leen

| Website |

Following the death of Pope Chrysostom I, the election of a new pope begins, a process elaborately colored with all the political intrigue we are used to in secular elections!

After numerous votes, a dark-horse candidate, Italian Cardinal Daniele Tondi, is elected as the new pope.

Once elected, Daniele is introduced to centuries of ancient traditions and beliefs dating back to St. Peter hin1self and is faced with the troubling but terribly important question: which of these traditions and beliefs are fact and which are fiction?

His investigation takes Daniele from Israel, to Egypt, to Mother Russia, and eventually to New York. While Daniele is trying to wrap his head around the meaning of these 2000-year-old traditions and beliefs, a mystery known to only a few, there are Eminences in the College of Cardinals who wish his search to fail. Why? What secrets do these sacred documents hold? What dangers surround these beliefs and traditions?

Daniele surrounds himself with a few trusted allies – his own family and the powerful Corsini family. His physician Emilio Corsini, and his first cousin Joel, a journalist covering the Vatican help Daniele and his close friend Prince Amadeo DiLeone, the Persona. But can they overcome the power of the Cardinals. Who will prevail? What does Daniele’s quest ultimately reveal?

Here is a powerful, rarely told story, that takes the reader on a fascinating journey through troubled times, while looking at the world through a lens many centuries old.

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“Mindfulness, Health and Serenity: A Practical Guide on How to Find Yourself in a Crazy World” by Emily Portman

| Amazon US | Amazon UK |

Do you sometimes feel lost in a chaotic world that can often threaten your sanity?
Would you like to be able to discover calm oases of peace and tranquillity?
This book will help you find them!

The modern world is hectic, full-on and at times crazy. The speed with which we are asked to navigate our lives is faster than it has ever been and there’s little wonder that people burn out, suffer from health problems and find difficulty seeing a way to improve their lot. Luckily, there is help and it can be a lot simpler to find it than you think.

This new book, Mindfulness, Health and Serenity: A Practical Guide on How to Find Yourself in a Crazy World, provides proven methods that really work and will help you.

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“4AM: The Heart is a Vault” by D Scales

Love is intoxicating. What is love to you? What does that mean in your life? Regardless, your understanding of love is shaped by your experiences with it. ”Love will never hurt you. It’s the people that misuse it.” It’s a simple quote, but meaningful. We spend too much of our time looking at all the bad moments in relationships while minimizing the good parts. We are more prone to doubt something good and quickly believe the bad. Why is that? Interestingly enough, I don’t attempt to answer any of those questions because only you know how love has affected you. One thing we do have in common is placing all of our experiences in a vault. In other words, so much more is felt than said. Cheers to you and your experiences. My thoughts are naked. Love is addicting.

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“We Are Still Supposed To Be Slaves: -The Chronicles of Being Black in America” by G B Lynch

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Podcast |

An easy to read, hard to put down, page-turner that exposes the Black experience in America. If you seek out hidden history, this is for you. Take a mental and often emotional journey to expose the truth. Take a literary trip to answer the question- why do Black people get treated the way they do? Others have their own history but the Black experience is unique. The chronicles of Black America lead back to the very beginning. We are all living in a historical drought. Much of the history that Black people have been taught is wrong. Then there’s the issue of how much of Black history has been left out altogether. Reading this literary work will uncover some of the history that is unknown by many. The blueprint for the enslaved never included a path to freedom. If some people were honest, they feel Black people are still supposed to be slaves.

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“Wheels Galore!: Adaptive Cars, Wheelchairs, and a Vibrant Daily Life with Cerebral Palsy” by  Iain M. MacLeod

| Website | YouTube |

Through wit, wisdom, great storytelling and lived experience, author Iain MacLeod draws the reader into his vibrant life from childhood to the present, a life not defined by Cerebral Palsy, which he has had since the age of three. Racing from one adventure to the next on wheels galore, from his tricycle as a small child to his first wheelchair and his first car and many more adapted cars after that, he has had many exciting adventures. Iain has travelled throughout his native Scotland, as well as to America and Europe, all with the desire to go as fast as possible and accomplish everything he can.

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“Welcome Home, Positive Vibes Only: Daily Prayers and Affirmations to keep Positivity Flowing” by Tassy House

Embrace the power of positive thinking with this beautiful collection of daily prayers and affirmations.
Do you want to create a life of peace, serenity, and lasting fulfillment? Are you searching for a thoughtful selection of prayers and affirmations that will inspire positive change in your life? Then this journal is for you!
With a collection of powerful daily prayers and inspiring affirmations, this beautifully crafted journal seeks to empower you to find spiritual fulfillment and cultivate a positive mindset through a blend of positive thinking and strengthening your faith in God.
Whether you need help relieving your stress levels and reducing anxiety, finding peace and inner tranquility, or developing a calm and confident mind, Welcome Home, Positive Vibes Only offers you a practical and meaningful way of transforming your mindsets. If you want to revitalize your spirituality and invite God to have a bigger role in your daily life, then this book provides you with a fun and rewarding exercise to revitalize your faith and embrace God’s guidance.
Book details:
• Specially Crafted With a Touching Collection of Daily Prayers and Affirmations
• Promotes a Positive Outlook, Emotional Wellbeing, and Physical Health
• Ideal For People of All Ages and Backgrounds
• Encourages You To Build a Positive Lifelong Habit and Grow Closer To God
• Makes a Thoughtful Gift Idea For Parents, Relatives, Friends, and More
• And So Much More…
Perfect for starting your day off on the right foot, or for winding down after a stressful day, Welcome Home, Positive Vibes Only helps you design a life of spiritual joy and emotional wellbeing through a simple yet deeply satisfying daily activity.
Are you ready to begin changing your life with affirmations?

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“Fire at Will” by Jules Harvey

War was hell. The war at home was worse. When a combat vet finds herself and her child trapped in an abusive marriage, escape is as dangerous and damaging as anything she suffered in Afghanistan. One act to try and end the nightmare that has become her life only leads to more horrors as an enemy from the past is unexpectedly resurrected. The door she tried to close is kicked wide open. It is only with the help of the remaining members of her old combat team, and a hot FBI agent that she and her son might have a chance at survival and a new life. If they survive. She’s not the only one willing to enact vengeance. The Nemesis of her Army Intelligence past has been hiding in plain sight and is gunning for her. She’ll do anything, and thinks she has, to protect her son, but fate has a way of creating both chaos, and hope. Will old ties from her Army years protect her? Destroy her? Or will they bring her a future she has been afraid to hope for? Darkly psychological, twisting and surprising, this tale has the fingerprints of Karma and the possibility of second chances all over it.

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“Road to a Plant Based Way of Eating” by David McCord

I wrote this book to serve as a guide to help those who are interested in changing to a plant based diet. It’s a struggle to give up what makes us comfortable. This booklet is designed to show you how to transition from how you were taught to eat to how you should or could eat. Change does not have to be a struggle. I view this change as the process or a period of transitioning from your old self to evolving to another, better version of you.

Between the pages you’ll find strategies of “cleaning house” of past eating habits. It’s not an overnight process so I thought it’d be good to develop a method of assisting those who are more cognitive of what they consume and feed their families.

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“Life’s Uncertain Journeys: A LGBTQ Short Story Collection” by Ashton Shaw Melvin

The book contains four short stories about young adults coming to terms with their LGBTQ identities. One story is about a young man from a strong military family background who begins to find an attraction to a new student. He must reconcile his family’s expectations with his own feelings. The second is about a girl from a broken home who finds herself being sent to a summer camp. She meets a girl who will not only open her eyes to a new world but also helps mend some of her problems happening at home. The third is about an individual struggling with their identity who finds the answers in an unexpected stranger in their town. The last story is about a boy struggling between identity and his faith. He finds solace in those around him and begins to see you don’t always have to pick one or the other.

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“Federal Hiring Advice: Your Guide to Government Jobs written” by Kasey Cady

| Website | YouTube |

This book provides a behind the scenes look at the federal hiring process. Along with an overview of the entire process are tips on how to be successful at each step. After reading you will submit better applications guaranteed.

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“VULNERABLE YET POWERFUL: A case of Africans’ Conflicting Realities” by Mazi Victor N Dike

Are you feeling at home?

Have you ever felt like the place you are living in doesn’t feel like home no matter how hard you are trying to feel like it does?
Would you like to become a person who is contributing to the well-being of your home country and to brothers and sisters who are there with you?
Have you ever had this feeling when you just want to scream from the top of your lungs – “I am African!” and do that with Pride and Confidence?
If you answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions, please read on…. I have something special to share with you…

Don’t get me wrong, this is Not another book about racism, how to gain confidence, fight against it as a black person and thrive through life. If you are looking for something like that, you can stop reading now – there are so many other great books about it.
But if you want to dive deep into unbiased historical roots, problems, and desires of Africans at Home and Africans in Diaspora and discover the truth. Without all smokes and mirrors, pretending that everything is okay when you and I both know that it’s NOT – this book will serve you greatly!

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“For Victims Yours and Ours” by Natalie Graszewicz and Dominik Socha

Our e-Book “For Victims Yours and Ours” is a ground-breaking story about the financial elites of the City of London and Washington D.C.; how they influenced world events and how they financed wars and revolutions across the centuries. In the last 7 years we have been investigating the circumstances surrounding the destruction of the Anglo-Polish cultural and religious heritage in Fawley Court in England, which had been overtaken by an offshore company with support of the Vatican and the British authorities. Our campaign to save the Anglo-Polish heritage lasted many years and when all our appeals had been rejected by the British authorities we delved deeply into the “rabbit hole” and re-visited the last 2000 years of history in order to fully understand the process by which the elites of the City of London became so powerful. The result of our investigation is our book “FOR VICTIMS YOURS AND OURS”, which contains a unique analysis of the growth of the power and wealth of the City of London elites, their expropriation of land and resources across the globe, as well as destruction of indigenous communities in the process of colonisation. The book describes how the elites of the City of London spread masonic lodges across the Continent and supported Prussia and Russia in order to undermine the Catholic states in Europe. The book exposes how the City of London elites, under the leadership of the House of Rothschild, balanced the powers on the European Continent and the world, helping to destroy or subjugate Catholic states such as Ireland, Poland, France and Spain, and building numerous Empires including the British and American Empire, the Russian Empire, the German Reich and the Empire of Japan. Our book unveils how the said elites of the City of London and Washington D.C. created terror in the world by financing wars and revolutions. The material gathered in our book is extremely valuable for everyone who is interested in geopolitics, history, economy, social sciences and social activism. It reveals for the first time the hidden forces that for centuries determined in shadow destiny of nations and order of the world. Moreover the book gives precious knowledge to understand and predict direction of events and powerful forces at play.

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“Baking and Cooking in Switzerland: Famous Swiss Recipes” by Lachlan Anderson

| Website |

Take Switzerland’s kitchen to your home with more than 45 delicious Swiss recipes!” As a resident of Switzerland for a long time and an everyday hobby cook, I have chosen and tested the recipes myself. They are all easy to prepare and very tasty. They are typical “Swiss cooking” but I have avoided recipes where you would need special equipment like special pans or oven for Fondue or Raclette.” – Lachlan Enjoy for example a typical Sliced Meat with Rösti from Zurich, bake the famous Swiss Zopf, or a great Carrot Cake. The recipes from Switzerland are sorted by a “Bread and Appetizers”, a “Main Courses” and a “Desserts” section. Ingredients and preparation are well described and a colour photo is accompanying each recipe.

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The Sting Of Death” by M.A.N.

Najeer Rankins , better known as Ghost, is a visionary who sees a world of peace, brought by him and his childhood friend Crane. Crane is the brains, a genius and an engineer, while Ghost is the brawn, a well-trained swordsman with extraordinary speed. Together, they form the KBG, the Killer Bee Gang, and gather like minds as they work to realize Ghost’s dream as they “stop the violence with better violence”. The KBG must battle other gangs as well as Law Enforcement, as they slowly take over more and more territory. The situation becomes hectic however, when a rival gang with similar goals and far greater power, a Gang Called Death, rises to oppose them.

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The God Slayer’s Handbook” by Stany Austinson

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you cannot seem to make progress despite doing all the right things?

In this remarkable book, author Stany Austinson shows you why you make the mistakes you make and why you fail at what you fail. He teaches you how to harness limitless energies and channel them to build the life that you want.

Can freedom ever be this simple?

Find out how to break free of the world and the self born of it to arrive at your true being.

Look at the inner machinery that keeps you moving forward. See why this machinery would often keep you tied up and have you moving in mindless circles.

Get rid of self-sabotaging behaviors and be at peace with all that you are. Experience total liberation and stop chasing the goals set by the world. Learn how to reshape your world as you see fit.

Discover for yourself what the mystics and sages have pointed to for centuries.

Know that heaven, enlightenment, God or whatever you have decided to call it is just outside the boundaries of the habitual self that you have created to deal with a world that has invaded you and now has you in a chokehold.

Are you ready to have your beliefs challenged?

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“Warrior Apprenticeship with the Grandmaster” by Michael Coleman

Already #1 Amazon New Release in multiple categories & TOP 5 Bestseller in Martial Arts! – This book is something special!

Michael Coleman started his journey in early childhood. But later, his curiosity about the roots and true meaning behind the discipline grew deeper.

Destiny led Michael to meet the legendary Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura. Fortitude enabled Michael to receive the direct teaching he longed for.

This book contains the amazing true story of how Mr. Coleman’s martial arts apprenticeship unfolded.

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“Los secretos de la luz: Y si… ¿la realidad fuese mentira?” de Claudia Almaraz

| Amazon US | Amazon Spain |

“No rehúses el destino que te ha acogido por primogénito; no desistas de los afanes que saciarán el apetito de tu alma…”

Los secretos de la luz nace a causa de la fusión de dos cuentos inspirados por la esencia de la ficción, la cual pretende revelar que, quizá, aquello que consideramos misterio es simplemente lo inexplorado de la existencia.

El desarrollo de conspiraciones por parte de logias, la existencia de entes en dimensiones paralelas, la intromisión de extraterrestres en la Tierra, la codicia de criaturas intergalácticas por la posesión de planetas y la práctica de rituales oscuros son algunos de los temas hallados en esta obra a la que dan vida las letras de la autora.

La propuesta de Almaraz es contundente: invitar al lector a que incursione nuevamente en los dominios de la imaginación, dominios en los que es posible que la realidad sea la ficción y la ficción sea la realidad.

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“Summoner; Tales From The LegendNomad” by Dalton A. Carmon

| Facebook | YouTube |

Summoners, upstanding guardians of the peasants, can call forth Elemental Spirits from nature. The Kakusa are deadly warriors, Family and devotion are their creeds. These two groups locked in a decades long war. As one great war reaches a climax, another begins when a group of ruthless killers emerges from the shadows. Delving into these mysterious groups is Eclipse, a Summoner with one passion; to prove he is worthy. But having always stood in the shadow of his prodigy brother, Sol, Eclipse will have to Sacrifice more than he can possibly imagine if he is to find peace. Meanwhile, Sol’s desire is simple; to bring peace to his people and to have his brother by his side once more. “I don’t know where this path will take me…I don’t know if it’s right…Or wrong…All I know is that it is the path I’ve chosen, and I will walk it to the end…”

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Champion Man, The Solar System Outlaw” by Cyrus Mikeson

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube |

Behold a world very much like our own. It has the same people, the same locations and the same history. However, there’s one thing that’s different. Morality is upside-down. Bad is good, good is bad, right is wrong and wrong is right. It’s a world where people hurt and steal from each other, and it’s all perfectly legal. However, things are changing. A mineral has been discovered on the planet Jupiter. A mineral that can cure cancer. When those in power ignore the mineral’s call, a young heroic outlaw will traverse beyond the sky to bring mankind the remedy it so desperately needs, whether they like it or not. Of course, he’ll have enemies looking to stop him and he’ll likely face the greatest of evils, but he’s not alone in this fight. And soon, everyone will know the ultimate power of doing the right thing. His name is Arin Eugene, and he is Champion Man, the Solar System Outlaw. Why is he an outlaw? Because he does right in a world of wrong.

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Confidence & Gratitude” by Telma Tavares


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“An Idiots Guide To Bitcoin: Learn All About Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency” by Chris Kiely

Want to know what all the fuss is about? How have people made millions on a currency that can not be touched?

Digital gold, is it really?

This is a comprehensive guide to help you understand bitcoin and all thing cryptocurrency.

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The Burn” by  K.L. Middleton and Cassie Alexandra

| Google Play | iBooks | Barnes&Noble |

I didn’t think there could be anything worse than losing my parents… until I changed schools and became the target of the A-squad – the cruel and popular a-holes of Diamond Lake High. The worst of the group? Chase Adams. An arrogant, rich, hell-raiser who gets his thrills by street racing, partying, and playing games. This year he and his crowd have it out for me.

They think they can shake me. Ruin me. Break me.

What they don’t realize is that I’ve already been to hell and back.

If I have to return, it won’t be alone.

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“Santa After Dark (The Santa After Dark Chronicles Book 1)” by Chris Kiely

The true story of our beloved old St. Nick. Santa Clause himself in this gritty book series. We will find out how he exactly came to be our Christmas miracle. It’s a lot darker than most Christmas tales but, one hell of a ride!

This is the first book in the series. Santa as a young man. A brutal coming of age thriller, about love, sacrifice and revenge.

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“5K To Start: Beginner’s guide to train and conquer your very first 5k running race” by Coach Matt

| Website | Instagram |

Ever considered running a marathon? Seems like a whole lot especially if you haven’t run that distance before but there is nothing to worry about. In this book, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about running your first 5k race and all the things in between.

I intend to let you know everything you need to know from the outfit to wear, your training methods, things to avoid and so on. Over the years I have gained a lot of experience in the world of athletics, I’ve seen the good and the bad sides and I am determined to use my personal experience to guide you on your journey to ensure you are on the right track.

The issue with running for the first time is that you hardly ever have sufficient information out there to guide you through the basics to get you ready. I know from experience that even just the thought of running that distance can make you start to panic and feel queasy but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

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Finch Henry’s Air Fish” by E. Heroldbeck

| Website | Facebook |

Finch escapes his bleak island to discover that the mainland philosophy has been shaped by an astounding metaphysical discovery. ‘One of the most original and thought-provoking pieces of speculative fiction it has ever been my honour to read and edit. Congratulations, E. Heroldbeck, you truly deserve those five-star reviews.’ Lesley Jones – Fiction Editor.

Back of book: Finch watches, perplexed, as the bride enters the glass chamber and lies down on the velvet draped bed. Cinema screens emerge streaming live footage of her, yet there is no sign of any groom. This isn’t like any wedding Finch had attended on his native island, but then the mainland has proved able to astonish at every turn. What was the single scientific discovery that the island rejected so long ago, creating a vast chasm in technological evolution between itself and the mainland? What can have been divisive enough to warrant the construction of new borders, trapping islanders in a bygone era while the mainland developed an advanced philosophical ethos? How will Finch relate to the beautiful Olga who has grown up with this evolved mindset, so far removed from his own, island-learnt outlook?

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“Pony Adventures (Adventures with Sophie Book 1)” by Stacha Lynette

Let’s go on an exciting adventure with a sweet little girl named Sophie as she learns to make lots of new friends!

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“Behind Sunrise: Based on a True Story” by Elsabet Ademe

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“Behind Sunrise,” tells the story of the bright and positive, yet ferociously determined, Sarah Belay. Sarah is a sixteen-year-old Ethiopian girl who dreams of traveling to Europe to pursue the arts. She has one problem – her family will not allow it. So when Sarah overhears the man who drives her to school talking about human smuggling, her ears perk up. Weeks later, she escapes through her window at 3:00 a.m. to embark on a journey that dramatically changes her life.With little information from her transporters, Sarah travels the perilous off-road paths toward Sudan in the care of suspicious and increasingly cruel men. As they travel, a menagerie of interesting characters enters and exits Sarah’s life. The desperate circumstances bring out the worst in some, and the incredibly good in others. A bond forms between a group of travelers, offering Sarah some semblance of safety – and family – amidst the treacherous conditions.Arriving in Sudan, Sarah finds work and saves money for what she thought would be the most dangerous leg of the journey – the long trek through the Sahara Desert and into Libya. The passage becomes a nightmare, as Sarah and her new friends fall into one devastating turmoil after another with unbelievable outcomes. Abandoned by smugglers in the vast barrenness of Al Kufrah, the friends escape and hire a local Libyan smuggler to get them to Tripoli. Instead, he takes them to the middle of the desert, and into more danger than they could have ever imagined. Will Sarah reach her dreams? Will she let her circumstances destroy her? Find out in this thriller novel, based on a true story.

“This is an amazing story that reads like an action-packed adventure. You won’t want to put it down.” Dr. Melissa Caudle – Bestselling Author and Media Influence.

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The Kingdom Of Socks” by Karlo Repar

Little John is trying to solve the mystery of his lost socks. Day by day, the number of socks decreased rapidly. Was it his old grandma’s fault, loud wash machine or something above that, that takes place in his wardrobe ? Relationship of life and common sense suddenly became brittle in his head while marching through the time. Only what remained in his warm heart were the unchangeable moral values, eternal love for his siblings and the mysterious stories.

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10 Letters from Kitty” by Wonder-Nyander

Dear Readers:

According to a report in 2018, 43,200 pets are euthanized per year in Japan. 34,900 of them are cats. Thanks to many people’s efforts for rescue and adoption, the number of these cats has been decreasing. However, many cats still die in this manner each year.

We hope you will keep your cats until the last moment of their lives, no matter what the situation is. This wish brought the creation of 10 Letters from Kitty. It is a story which takes the shape of notes of love and gratitude from a rescued cat to his owner who kept him throughout his life. Many readers of the story wanted their children to read it, too, so this picture book has been born. I hope you will enjoy reading it with your children.

*Profits from publication of this book will be used for rescue efforts.

Sincerely, Wonder-Nyander

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“When Your Soulmate Is – You: A Guide to Falling in Love with Who You Are” by D. M. Woodard

D.M. Woodard’s debut instructional book guides you to the process of finding true love, starting with one’s self as she explores ways to fall in love with yourself without embarking on narcissism, but internal love. She includes the Law of Attraction and the Hawaiian Self Prayer, “Ho’oponopono” principles, to plant seeds of change into the subconscious. D.M. Woodard desires that this book inspires and propels the reader to find the greatness and love within themselves.

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“America’s Problem Child” by Eric Jones

| Paperback | Kindle | Instagram | Twitter |

Prepare yourself we are about to go on a journey. When reading this book you will have a first-hand look at the experiences of a minority adolescent growing up and managing life and in one of America’s most dangerous inner cities. Each poem is it’s own chapter and a collection of feelings of first-hand events and experiences that will occur throughout the story. The book explains life as an African American man in America. Topics and story elements include police brutality, views on racism, growing up in poverty, love & relationships, gun violence, broken bonds, and more!!

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“Keto Diet: Steps To the Keto Way For Rapid Weight Loss And Good Health” by Francine Brown

What most people don’t know is that they can easily lose weight by starting a keto lifestyle. This Keto guide contains information that is important in recipes that are easy to prepare and full of nutrition. There are many health benefits that you get when you start the keto lifestyle. The benefits include losing weight, loss of belly fat, you will lower your blood pressure, Increase HDL cholesterol levels, Lower Risk for Heart disease, Prevention of diabetes and many others as you will find in the book. The keto diet is full of nutrients, and this contributes to your well-being.
You will learn everything about the keto diet from how to get started, and to its benefits.
Last but not the least, there is also a 7-day meal plan to help you get the most out of this diet.

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“How To Work Remotely: and Still Keep your Job” by Jacqueline Jimenez

| Website |

As an experienced remote worker for more than 7 years, I know the frustration of working 60+ hours a week. Staying in hotels rooms, eating dinner all by yourself in a restaurant and coming back to an empty hotel room while continue your “homework” for the remaining of the night until probably midnight.

Yes, other co-workers see you as the “Wow, I wish that I had your job!”
I am saying, “No, you don’t want to have my job!”. You get to sleep in your own bed every single night. You get to be with your significant other every night while I am all alone in a hotel room working until midnight in order to catch up with the “office/checklist” that the job requires me to complete.
I am doing the job of 2 employees and getting the pay of 1 person.

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Call Sign Alpha” by Dayne Ludlum

Alpha was born to be a weapon.
Raised from birth by the CIA, his sole purpose is to take out any target the agency desires. But when he’s forced to take on a jarring task, something changes inside him. Alpha abandons his duty and flees for his life.But the CIA won’t let him go so easily. With his own former team hot on his tracks, Alpha struggles to evade capture while also fighting with the inner demons of his past. As he desperately tries to figure out who he really is, he falls in with a young woman named Athena. Through her, he sees a glimpse of salvation.
But protecting her means fighting the only family he’s ever known…

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“Bounce Back: Survive and Thrive in a Business Crisis” by  Richard Mowrey

Step-by-Step Actions to Rebuild a Better Business

This insightful book by business expert and international best-selling author, Richard Mowrey shows you exactly how to develop the three critical plans to make meaningful stress-free progress toward personal and business success.

This easy to follow guide prompts the thinking required to effectively reposition your business to weather an economic storm. You’ll learn why it is important to start with a new look at the basics of business ownership and what to do with new your new vision.

Most people wouldn’t rebuild their home exactly as it was before if it was extensively damaged by a natural disaster—they would design a stronger structure with improved functionality. It is exactly the same when you are forced to step back and truly looks at how to rebuild your business.

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“Island Mindfulness: How to Use the Transformational Power of Mindfulness to Create an Abundant Life” by Janet Autherine

| Website | Twitter | Instagram |

Island Mindfulness creates a path for transformation through self-empowerment, meaningful relationships, spiritual fulfillment and the creation of a purposeful life. Who you become and how you experience the world is a result of how you see everything that exists around you. When mindfulness is practiced, the mind has the ability to ride the waves of life and find calm in the midst of all the sun, wind, and rain that we encounter on our unpredictable journey.Janet invites you to slow your pace, and in the spirit of the islands, mindfully and intentionally embark on a journey to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Her “island mindfulness” journey is filled with heartfelt stories of navigating love, marriage, and divorce, adjusting your sail in the face of financial and career challenges, and having an Irie time raising children. Island Mindfulness is a gift of peace and a treasure box of life lessons. Take a mindful moment to embrace joy — say no to negative news, negative body image and everything that keeps you from living your best life. Island Mindfulness is the peace needed to love and embrace the person that you are today.

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“The Super Sponge Kids” by Alistair Patterson

| Website | Facebook |

Lily and Jed are just two ordinary children from a small town in Scotland until they find a mysterious-looking coin in the ground. Lily is sure the coin fell from space and could be magical, so they both decide to go down to the old well by the castle to make a wish. But after their visit to the old wishing-well, things are never the same again for Lily and Jed, whose wish to become superheroes is granted!

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Vengeance Overdue” by Raul De La Rosa Sr.

Cristian wants to know more about his family’s past. What he finds – lies, secrets, and murder – shakes him to the core. Will the search for the truth lead to his death?

Life is pretty normal for Cristian and his family. The usual with work, kids, school, and taking care of aging parents. That is, until he decides to dig a bit deeper into his family’s history and ancestry.

Going on a trip to the Dominican Republic, Cristian uncovers truths about his family and past that he had no idea existed. Shocking secrets, murder, lies, prison sentences, and coverups thoughout generations.

Suddenly, Cristian’s life and his family are in danger, but his search for the truth cannot stop. He needs to know. Will he finally uncover everything, or will his quest lead him to his death?

Vengeance Overdue is an intense thriller that will knock you off your feet. Is your family what it seems?

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Ascension” by Anneliese Zahra Khalil

Saved by Donovan from an attempted suicide, Joel has a vision. He can’t simply die: he needs to ascend as an angel. With Donovan at his side, Joel has to figure out how, but are things what they seem?

On the night Joel Stevens attempts suicide, he experiences a vision that instills in him an obsession to ascend as an angel.

Rescued by Donovan, a passing vagrant who claims to be an angel capable of leading him through ascension, Joel yields to his guidance.

Joel welcomes Donovan into his home, where tensions build with his wife, Sarah, who believes her husband is having a psychotic breakdown.

Donovan insists Joel must put his life in his hands and helps him achieve three near-death experiences where he visits broken, incomplete souls in Purgatory. Each visit diminishes Joel’s physical and mental capacity, bringing him closer to a state of being “less,” which is essential for ascension.

After Joel’s final visit to Purgatory, Sarah physically intervenes trying to wrestle Joel out of Donovan’s grip.

Joel and Donovan get out and race to Philadelphia to fulfill Joel’s destiny. They arrive at the Pyramid Club, a site used across the millennia for those ascending. But little does Joel know that his destiny has been written for centuries, and not everything—or everyone—in his life is what it seems to be.

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Everyday I’m Shuffling” by Rob Berry

| Facebook | Instagram |

Everyday I’m Shuffling is an intriguing autobiography of a casino dealer, telling the ‘behind the scenes’ stories about gambling and life at the casino. If you have ever wanted to know what it is really like working in a casino in America, this is one of the best gambling books to read.

Gambling Stories

My goal when writing this was to try and detach you from the illusion that Hollywood portrays in its movies, and tell you real stories about gambling and working in a casino. I did this because I heard too many times over the years that people will never get it unless they were working in a casino. I have wanted to tell my stories about gambling and my life as a casino dealer for many years, and never thought I could, or that I would, until coronavirus hit. I had all the time in the world now. I could no longer say I did not have the time to accomplish this.

Working in a Casino

This book is filled with stories of what I have experienced, along with me breaking down player and dealer stereotypes I have learned as a casino dealer. I talk about the games I have dealt and how horrible management is. I hope this book and stories about gambling I tell with shock you and make you laugh.

Most importantly, I hope it inspires you to reach for the stars and do something that you think you could never do. By the end of it all, you will stink like smoke and your sanity will be gone! I hope you all enjoy my stories about dealing as much I enjoyed writing them!

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“The Power of Your Past & the True calling of Your Soul!: 23 Highly Effective Exercises in Soul Healing and Personal Change | A Guidebook to Live the Life That Your Heart Is Asking For!” by Angelika Schulze

Yes, You Can Overcome The Demons Of The Past And Lead A Fulfilled, Happy Life – This book about trauma healing and self-love will show you how!

Take a deep breath and think about your past. What are the first things that come to mind?

Fear? Abuse? Pain? Failure? Trauma?

You might hear your parents threatening to abandon you if you’re not good enough.

You might sense your father’s anger or see the face of the person who bullied you at school.

You might have even more terrifying flashbacks about other traumatic childhood events.

But do you know that these traumatic experiences aren’t just painful memories? They continue to shape your life even now.

They make you blind to life-transforming opportunities.

These traumatic experiences undermine your relationships with the people you love most.

They limit your creative potential and smother your intuition.

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“The Magic in Me (Emi Watson Book 1)” by Kelly Zimmer

Awkward and ordinary, Emi Watson is thrilled to land a prestigious summer internship close to home. Though Emi’s fellow-intern, Pak Zacharia, becomes more than a friend, Emi also develops a crush on Tony Guiden, a handsome company executive with an unnerving and unexpected interest in her.

Emi’s summer is marred by a hateful manager who threatens to fire Pak. When Emi turns to Tony for help, he delivers, but new troubles arise. As Emi struggles with these dilemmas, Tony urges her to allow him to mentor her to awaken the unusual talents he believes she possesses.

When a beautiful co-worker catches Pak’s eye, Emi again turns to her new mentor. An intimate afternoon with Tony is followed by a series of unexplainable events that force Emi to accept that there really is magic within her.

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Love, Patience and Time” by Jazmyn Jackson

Through these six short stories, we are reminded that successful relationships are only developed through Love, Patience and Time.

Enjoy a journey with six couples, some who are just beginning and others who are established in relationships, who deal with everyday issues of love, trust and growth. Each story will encourage the reader to reach beyond the present and renew the love and commitment in their relationships.

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Mine All Mine” by Christy Marchand

When Tyler Hurst returns home to Baton Rouge after retiring from pro football, he isn’t quite sure what to do with himself. He’s worked hard to provide for his younger siblings but now they’re all grown up and getting along just fine without his assistance. His beloved grandmother decides he needs a new challenge, and her petite neighbor, Eleanor Haley, just might fit the bill.

Tyler quickly figures out he doesn’t know how to deal with the strong-willed, green eyed Eleanor, who unwittingly becomes the cause of his uncomfortably conflicting emotions. Eleanor is on a new path herself, and isn’t going to be bossed around by domineering men anymore, even one as gorgeous as Tyler Hurst. With a newfound boldness she shows Tyler two can play his game.

But can Tyler and Eleanor reconcile their pasts and find what they are longing for the most?

“Mine All Mine” is a beautifully written romantic comedy that will make you laugh and cry, while showing the importance of family, honesty, love and finding yourself.

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8 Conversations to Have with Your Son” by John Martin Sr

| Website |

Boys struggle with identity and self-confidence now more than ever. With social media validation and cyber bullying, there are so many boys having issues with self-worth. This next generation of boys need strong guidance and direction with a sense of self.
John Martin Sr., author takes you through several topics that can encourage your child to think great about themselves. In this world, self- confidence is a learned trait that needs to be groomed and molded at an early stage of life. Having the right conversations with your child can spark a positive outlook and help him navigate through the world.

Mr. Martin Sr. has taken his personal experiences of being a full-time father for the last twenty years, along with his psychology background and created an easy manual for parents to read and grasp. His vivid recollection of events and thoughts will have you intrigued to read more.

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