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March 3, 2021
Life’s Uncertain Journeys
March 8, 2021

Assigned Volume 1” by Hank Vance

Ice Agent Stanley Ross is going on about his daily job when a confrontation leads him to fall in quicksand; he wakes up in a field; in a country called Uditie (U-dite-ie) home of the Undine, In this new land Stanley is found by a haughty general woman; Diona. After Stanley refuses to be Diona’s property; she speaks false of him in front of the Queen herself; Queen Georgia. So Stanley accepts a plea deal where he is imprisoned for six months but gets a reward for it. He find a woman named Kairi while wondering the country; they fall in love and get married, but his happiness doesn’t last long, after Stanley kidnapped and is sold into marriage slavery; sold to the country; Lilitha, home of the Succubi. In this country men our ruled by their Succubi wife/master and they have no rights. So Stanley fights for equality with his new politician wife Tinoth; he “uses” God and Christianity in the fight for justice, fight for revenge, and the fight against Lilith, but then he soon realizes that God is the one using him.

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