July 17, 2022

The Loved, Mistreated One

“The Loved, Mistreated One” by Sharon McPeters This postmodern, metafictional work allows the reader to accompany the main character as she lives her life. She is […]
December 25, 2021


“Reflections: A journey through life” by Jesus Valencia | Twitter | Instagram | Reflections: A Journey through Life is more than just a poetry book, it’s […]
August 9, 2021

Poems About U

“Poems About U” by Sumera Farman This is a collection of poems that have been inspired by love. It’s a story about how love is unexpected […]
August 5, 2021

For Her Name’s Sake

“For Her Name’s Sake” by Monica Leak The blood and mistreatment of women of color cries from the ground. Their voices have often gone unheard, silenced […]