Dante’s Dirty Diary

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April 3, 2020
Rite of Passage
April 10, 2020

“Dante’s Dirty Diary (Volume Book 1)” by Omar Love

This is the story of Dante Baker who comes from an all black poor neighborhood in the south but because of his basketball skills has received a full scholarship to Big University in Washington state a predominately white school. Dante knew he had an attraction to older women because he always fantasized about being with one but it wasn’t until Dante went to college did his most seductive sex fantasies play themselves out. Dante decided he wanted to remember all the juicy details so he started writing a journal called Dante’s Dirty Diary. A journal so scandalous and secretive that it must be protected at all cost. A diary so forbidden that there is only two people on earth Dante can share the contents with. A diary that could bring down the whole university and even put people’s lives at risk. When he started the diary he had no idea where his passions would lead but now he finally realizes that some things should never be written down!

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