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July 11, 2020
July 14, 2020

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“Decoding Digital: What Is Cryptocurrency” by Cahill Camden

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Hello, I’m Cahill Camden, author of Decoding Digital’s What Is Cryptocurrency. I’m also a serial entrepreneur, investor, and advisor to early stage tech companies.

I’m sure you have more than a few questions on your mind. I get it. You’re looking for an expert to help you get answers – but you don’t want all of that “tech talk” and jargon that comes with a lot of books out there.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In this book you’ll get my experience from working behind the scenes with cryptocurrency companies. You’ll get insight from my consulting with blockchain and tech CEO’s. You’ll learn from my experience helping Bitcoin traders and Bitcoin miners with marketing and PR. You’ll get a ton of insight you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for answers to questions like:
What is cryptocurrency really all about?
How do I find a cryptocurrency exchange?
How do I buy Bitcoin coins?
What is a Bitcoin?
What can cryptocurrency be used for?

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