Everyday I’m Shuffling

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May 22, 2020
May 28, 2020

Everyday I’m Shuffling” by Rob Berry

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Everyday I’m Shuffling is an intriguing autobiography of a casino dealer, telling the ‘behind the scenes’ stories about gambling and life at the casino. If you have ever wanted to know what it is really like working in a casino in America, this is one of the best gambling books to read.

Gambling Stories

My goal when writing this was to try and detach you from the illusion that Hollywood portrays in its movies, and tell you real stories about gambling and working in a casino. I did this because I heard too many times over the years that people will never get it unless they were working in a casino. I have wanted to tell my stories about gambling and my life as a casino dealer for many years, and never thought I could, or that I would, until coronavirus hit. I had all the time in the world now. I could no longer say I did not have the time to accomplish this.

Working in a Casino

This book is filled with stories of what I have experienced, along with me breaking down player and dealer stereotypes I have learned as a casino dealer. I talk about the games I have dealt and how horrible management is. I hope this book and stories about gambling I tell with shock you and make you laugh.

Most importantly, I hope it inspires you to reach for the stars and do something that you think you could never do. By the end of it all, you will stink like smoke and your sanity will be gone! I hope you all enjoy my stories about dealing as much I enjoyed writing them!

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