Financial Habits as Quality Investment in Yourself

February 12, 2022
Purpose In Passion
February 19, 2022

“Financial Habits as Quality Investment in Yourself: Reach Your Financial Freedom and Enhance Your Personal Development” by Mgr. Maria Fedorova

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Dear everyone who would be interested in his or her financial freedom.

This book is not about quitting the job but is about evolution in your financial freedom from being an employee, gathering great skills set until naturally taking on the transition towards the business world and investment.

The main intention is to get you through a great start-up point on a personal level where you learn about yourself and your ability to create, manage and sustainably grow your personal budget. This book is really focused on financial habits as they are, their definition and explanations.

The main quote of this book is ”It doesn’t matter how much you earn if you don’t’ know how to create your budget and manage it well.”

Once you master this part, you are ready to take on the next level of wealth generation since you are ready to manage it well.

The reality is that even though life is not only about money, we need money to have, create and increase the quality of our life and so you will receive a lot of practical advice, samples of budgets and an explanation of financial terms, but also part of the book is focused on motivation from the personal perspective.

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