Finch Henry’s Air Fish

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October 16, 2020
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October 27, 2020

Finch Henry’s Air Fish” by E. Heroldbeck

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Finch escapes his bleak island to discover that the mainland philosophy has been shaped by an astounding metaphysical discovery. ‘One of the most original and thought-provoking pieces of speculative fiction it has ever been my honour to read and edit. Congratulations, E. Heroldbeck, you truly deserve those five-star reviews.’ Lesley Jones – Fiction Editor.

Back of book: Finch watches, perplexed, as the bride enters the glass chamber and lies down on the velvet draped bed. Cinema screens emerge streaming live footage of her, yet there is no sign of any groom. This isn’t like any wedding Finch had attended on his native island, but then the mainland has proved able to astonish at every turn. What was the single scientific discovery that the island rejected so long ago, creating a vast chasm in technological evolution between itself and the mainland? What can have been divisive enough to warrant the construction of new borders, trapping islanders in a bygone era while the mainland developed an advanced philosophical ethos? How will Finch relate to the beautiful Olga who has grown up with this evolved mindset, so far removed from his own, island-learnt outlook?

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