Fire at Will

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March 11, 2021
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March 20, 2021

“Fire at Will” by Jules Harvey

War was hell. The war at home was worse. When a combat vet finds herself and her child trapped in an abusive marriage, escape is as dangerous and damaging as anything she suffered in Afghanistan. One act to try and end the nightmare that has become her life only leads to more horrors as an enemy from the past is unexpectedly resurrected. The door she tried to close is kicked wide open. It is only with the help of the remaining members of her old combat team, and a hot FBI agent that she and her son might have a chance at survival and a new life. If they survive. She’s not the only one willing to enact vengeance. The Nemesis of her Army Intelligence past has been hiding in plain sight and is gunning for her. She’ll do anything, and thinks she has, to protect her son, but fate has a way of creating both chaos, and hope. Will old ties from her Army years protect her? Destroy her? Or will they bring her a future she has been afraid to hope for? Darkly psychological, twisting and surprising, this tale has the fingerprints of Karma and the possibility of second chances all over it.

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