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November 12, 2020
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December 1, 2020

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“Flatlining Affairs: The Beginning” by Antonio Garrido Caballero

Anne Marie is having strange dreams in which she lives another life with the name of Ana Maria. These dreams never bothered her as she thought they might be a consequence of something related to her childhood. This radically changes when she receives a written message from Ana María, the person in her dream, telling her she is real, but living in a parallel universe.

Their lives are transformed, each one in their own reality, unleashing a race against time to determine what is fiction, and what is reality, leading both to trace the origin of what is happening to them, when one of them accidentally attended. to an ancient ritual made in La Danta, a Mayan pyramid in the Guatemalan jungle, opening an interstellar portal that had intertwined two parallel universes.

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