Illuminating Nyx

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“Illuminating Nyx: A Fantasy Romance Adventure” by T.L. Callahan

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Kyrion Gaia – My duties, my head, and my heart are at war. If I don’t make the right choice, my people might end up in a war we can’t win.

As one of the six Paldimori House leaders, I must protect my people from the Olympians threatening our home. With our powers weakening, I know that’s impossible unless I find the Chosen of prophecy. Kade Downing—my frustrating yet charming champion in the Games—knows more than he’s saying. Can I make the right choice before the web of deceit surrounding me tangles us both up in its trap?

Kade Downing – I’m not who I’ve been pretending to be, and if they find out, I’m a dead man.

When I entered the Paldimori Games for the grand prize money to save my ranch, I never thought I’d end up surrounded by my enemies—the descendants of the primordial gods. Training with Kyrion Gaia has shown me how big of a threat they are to the human world and the sister I left there. I’ll do anything to protect her, but someone knows my secrets. Can I partner with my enemy to save everything that I love?

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