Life’s Uncertain Journeys

Assigned Volume 1
March 6, 2021
Road to a Plant Based Way of Eating
March 11, 2021

“Life’s Uncertain Journeys: A LGBTQ Short Story Collection” by Ashton Shaw Melvin

The book contains four short stories about young adults coming to terms with their LGBTQ identities. One story is about a young man from a strong military family background who begins to find an attraction to a new student. He must reconcile his family’s expectations with his own feelings. The second is about a girl from a broken home who finds herself being sent to a summer camp. She meets a girl who will not only open her eyes to a new world but also helps mend some of her problems happening at home. The third is about an individual struggling with their identity who finds the answers in an unexpected stranger in their town. The last story is about a boy struggling between identity and his faith. He finds solace in those around him and begins to see you don’t always have to pick one or the other.

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