Minimalist Engineer’s Guide to Money

Bach, Beethoven and the Boys
June 18, 2022
June 25, 2022

“Minimalist Engineer’s Guide to Money, Time, Sex, Anxiety, Relationships, and Everything in Between” by Jin Whan Bae

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Life is a mess. Things only get complicated the older we get. In a matter of years, we go from kids having to raise hands to go to the bathroom, to adults that are expected to set up livelihoods, while juggling ten other things. In this rapidly changing world, it’s hard to find useful advice that both educate and console us. This book hopes to address the issue of our young adults’ anxiety and improve their financial, social, physical, and emotional health by applying minimalist, robust, and sustainable design solutions to the mess we are in. Written in a tone you’d see on a group chat somewhere, this book navigates various aspects of our lives in hopes to provide wisdom and consolation.

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