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June 4, 2020
Dark Twist
June 9, 2020

“Predestination: The Future is History” by  S. W. Cotton

Inexplicable anomalies crop up in our lives when we become receptive to their power. A time comes when we are challenged to confront our complacency and submit to the possibility that our comfortable worldview is no longer tenable. We are then forced to see the world in a new light, to discard our comfortable beliefs, and envision a world evolving from the familiar to the extraordinary.

The science presented here introduces the reader to a new way of viewing the cosmos
and our place in the evolutionary history of the universe. Time paradoxes, quantum
entanglement, and parallel universes provide a backdrop for exploring a range of scientific
speculations about the true nature of time and the ultimate meaning of reality.
Scientific discoveries in physics, genetics, and quantum reality are introduced,
encompassing advanced techniques that can only have been achieved in a future world beyond the reach of the present. As these discoveries unfold, the reader begins to realize conventional wisdom is suspect—that what we believe, what we have come to accept without question, is subject to revision.

Our investigation follows a scientific approach and the reader is exposed to the thoughts,
actions, and psychological machinations of a trio of scientists as they attempt to uncover the origin of an ancient Egyptian tablet containing an equation from quantum mechanics. Several hypothetical scenarios are considered to explain the tablet’s appearance and the reader is challenged to comprehend the many possibilities introduced.

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