December 24, 2021
A Little Drop of Venom
December 31, 2021

“Reflections: A journey through life” by Jesus Valencia

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Reflections: A Journey through Life is more than just a poetry book, it’s a transformative pilgrimage of the soul, heart, and mind. Moreover, it’s a true story of overcoming hardship and finding hope, even in the most dire of circumstances. Through heart felt poetic storytelling, Jesus Valencia illustrates his personal experiences spanning five decades of his lifetime, including serving his country, navigating substance abuse, and living abroad in Korea. The relatable struggles and victories within these pages serve as a reminder of our undeniable inter connectivity and that we are never completely alone on this beautifully tumultuous journey. Above all, we are reminded that “[we] need darkness / to see the stars, and / sometimes courage / can be the same.”

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