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July 7, 2020
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July 12, 2020

“Remember Honor” by Ginny Sterling

Can the fallen be redeemed?
Tabitha Mason wants a second chance at love. She’s seen the handsome soldier several times in the past and wishes he would just notice her for once. Nothing has been easy or gone her way, including trying to get the handsome soldier’s attention, but when fate steps in, she realizes that this is her moment to shine.

Brandon Tobin wants a chance at life. His friends are getting married, finding their special someone, and settling down, while he is still serving in the Afghani desert. He’s proud to serve his country, but when he’s captured, the nightmares are more than he can handle.

Can Tabitha see through the pain, rescuing the man she’s always cared for? Can Tobin trust their love to keep all the terrifying memories at bay?

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