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April 21, 2021
I Want To Be An Astronaut
May 4, 2021

“Requiem: In Memory of All That Should Have Been” by Daniel Ståhl

With sheltered coves and woodlands turned to mud, with wilderness turned into tidy, walled backyards, what remains of our children’s birthright? Requiem takes the existential threats facing humanity – from the destruction of the environment to nuclear holocaust – as a lens through which to reflect on the fate of civilization, humanity and ultimately conscious life in the universe.

Through its 211 interwoven poems, this unique collection of poems takes the reader on an epic journey to the heart of mankind’s would-be nemesis – herself – and back again. Does her destiny await in the unexplored depths of the cosmos, or in a toxic wasteland of her own making? Does she have the will to shape her own future, or is she a slave to her myopic wants and impulses?

“Requiem is like nothing else I have ever read. […] My mind was well and truly blown.”
– The Biblioshelf

“A stand-out among all the poetry I’ve read.”
– L.S. Popovich

“Just beautiful.”
– The Indie Express

“Powerful, beautiful, honest, and real.”
– On a Reading Bender

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