Rise of the Water Margin

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February 19, 2022
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February 27, 2022

“Rise of the Water Margin” by Christopher Bates

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Rise of the Water Margin immerses the reader in a near-future world grounded in American and Chinese cultural and political landscapes bickering over climate responsibility wherein technology challenges humanity to redefine its relationship with the Earth. Nations seek to leverage and subvert technology to further political ambitions while losing sight of human elements beyond their control – lust, corruption, greed, piety, revenge, freedom of expression and longing for acceptance. In the background is the tangled whorl of the Jianghu – the Rivers and Lakes of China’s wuxia demimonde– ever seeking to evade the surveillance state, ever seeking justice in an unjust world.

Chinese People’s Liberation Army Major Lin Chong is framed, disgraced, and on the run. Hunted for a trumped-up act of treason and manslaughter, the resourceful leader of China’s elite cyber-warfare unit takes refuge at a hacker enclave in one of China’s deserted “ghost cities.” Devastated by his wife’s suicide, he unleashes a cyber-weapon that threatens to draw China and the US into a nuclear war.

Dr. Mili Parekh, the brilliant head of the US National Security Agency’s Attribution Division, is tasked to identify the source of the attack. Parekh’s technical skills point to China’s culpability in the cyber-attack, and to Major Lin himself. Complicating matters for the wheelchair-bound Parekh are nagging doubts about another entity emerging in her analysis—and its possible links to Lin.

Christopher Bates has been doing business in China since 1982, is fluent in Mandarin and lived in Asia for over 40 years. His insights have been published in Harvard’s Negotiation Journal and the Journal of Asian Martial Art. This is his second novel.

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