October 26, 2021
Splinters of My Soul
October 29, 2021

“SPELLBOUND, book 1” by M. I. Speer

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… the disgruntled man was nearly upon her when out of nowhere; she was swept up by a man on horseback. Caitlin screamed again, not realizing who it was until she heard him say, “It is not good for a woman to wander into the forest alone, my apologies for losing sight of you.”

SPELLBOUND: (Series, book 1) An Epic Romance Across Time, A woman has a paranormal encounter with a spellbound warrior from the 13th century who mistakes her for the woman that betrayed his father and brothers in a deadly ambush. That night he enters her room…and soon she finds herself running through the forest as he sweeps her onto his horse.

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