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October 24, 2021
October 26, 2021

“THE CALLING, book 2” by M. I. Speer

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Three Witches, A Curse &, A Rose
…a mighty thunderbolt shook the ground. “Tis them, they’re here!” It grew quiet everyone exchanged looks and looked around. The silence continued. Then Jake turned to Kayla and said,
“Maybe they left.” Suddenly, Jake was bodily thrown against the wall. He grunted as his back connected with the stone wall behind him and the mirror he held fell and broke.
“Holy crap!” Jake cursed…
Amazon customer review of El Llamado, the Spanish version of The Calling, ***** 5.0 out of 5 stars “I loved it…”
“If the first one enchanted me, with the second one I fell in love with the plot. I could not stop reading them. Please add another part, I am waiting for the third book because there is another amulet, and ♡♡ I loved it. I will be waiting for it, M.I. Speer, you are a tremendous writer!”

SYNOPSIS: A teen races through time to reverse a curse. 800 years after the crystal amulet falls between the stone steps of Emerald Castle. Jake, a teen touring the castle with his senior class sees something strange down a passageway. Soon he wakes up cold, wet, and bewildered on a nearby shore. Then he makes a startling discovery!

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