The Haunting of Hatfield Manor

The Three Little Piglets
January 24, 2023
February 7, 2023

“The Haunting of Hatfield Manor” by  E. Broom

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Graham Thatcher is living his best life after being adopted into the Thatcher family — A family of super cool witches, and a Gramps who looks like Gandalf.

His friends invite him out for an evening of fun at a local haunted Georgian manor. Sure, Graham lives in a house with ghosts, his dead brother Duncan, and a Roman soldier called Octavian, but this is like a real, proper haunted manor.

Hoping for an evening of light-hearted fun, what they encounter is much more sinister.

Only with the help of his family, some of the paranormal crew, and two angels are they able to stop the evil in the house.

And if Graham finds love along the way, well that’s just a bonus.

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