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August 23, 2021
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August 31, 2021

“The NFT Overview” by Michael Maverick

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What is an NFT? Why are they selling for millions of dollars? Will they cause a fundamental change in society? And if so, how can the average person profit on it?

The world watched in awe when a JPEG sold for $69 million. No one seemed to understand what had just happened—but the keenest observers quickly realized the event wasn’t a fluke.

A non-fungible token is an ultra-rare physical asset. It’s completely original and impossible to replace, and it represents a new age of digital property. Unlike anything else in the online world, NFTs are scarce. Their existence may be the biggest change to intellectual property and media in our lifetimes.

The NFT Overview is a detailed introduction to non-fungible tokens and the effect they’ll soon have on regular people’s lives. As the crowds rush to buy NFTs at any cost, take a step back to learn about what they mean, beyond the get-rich-quick promises. This guide will prepare you for the new reality of NFTs and show you exactly how to capitalize on it.

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