The Secret Techniques of Successful Students

Unique and Concise SAT Study Guide
August 11, 2021
The Profession of an Architect for Kids.
August 16, 2021

“The Secret Techniques of Successful Students: How to Study Smarter and Improve Your Grades by Applying Simple Learning Strategies” by Daniela Stege

As an evaluator of student performance, I have seen the various mistakes frequently made during exams and tests and the mental state in which students are when they have to be evaluated orally or in writing. This eBook represents the result of my experiences, teachings, and studies during my schooling, as a student, and the teaching activity both with children and in the college environment.

You will find helpful advice for both students and college students. However, for primary school students, it is recommended that a guardian reads the materials with the child to ensure the child has a strong grasp of the material and content. It is never too late to learn these secrets, so whether you are a student, or just thinking that it would be good to continue your studies, you will indeed find something interesting for you.

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