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August 9, 2021
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August 13, 2021

“Unique and Concise SAT Study Guide” by Joseph Lafferty

The information in this book has multiple benefits. By using this book students will learn strategies for successfully tackling the SAT and other valuable information. In the reading section of this book, passages will discuss how teens can deal with stress, how to manage money, and methods for researching colleges. Students will also learn that mental health disorders are common and can be managed. They will discover that even celebrities like singer Janet Jackson and NBA player Kevin Love have had to cope with mental health struggles. For students interested in sports, there is a passage on the early life of Lebron James. There is also a section about how dogs help us in a number of ways. All of these topics are presented in the format of the SAT so that they will also learn strategies for successfully tackling this important test.

Studies show that a strong vocabulary has been linked to career advancement and increased earnings. Other research reports that employers place a high value on employees who have excellent writing skills. An additional bonus included in this book is a list of about 150 vocabulary words that have appeared on the SAT with innovative strategies for learning their meanings. For example, to learn the meaning of the word arduous students can learn to place an imaginary ‘h’ in front of arduous (harduous) to learn it means hard or difficult. Learning this list of vocabulary words can both help students do better on the SAT and provide potential benefits for their future careers.

Also included is a section containing practice questions that are unique to the math portion of the SAT. Often, the SAT math section poses questions in a way students would not normally encounter, making it more challenging to answer them. This book has some math problems similar to ones given on the SAT with explanations. Strategies for understanding some of these types of problems are also provided in this book.

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