Vengeance Overdue

Blind Love
June 2, 2020
June 6, 2020

Vengeance Overdue” by Raul De La Rosa Sr.

Cristian wants to know more about his family’s past. What he finds – lies, secrets, and murder – shakes him to the core. Will the search for the truth lead to his death?

Life is pretty normal for Cristian and his family. The usual with work, kids, school, and taking care of aging parents. That is, until he decides to dig a bit deeper into his family’s history and ancestry.

Going on a trip to the Dominican Republic, Cristian uncovers truths about his family and past that he had no idea existed. Shocking secrets, murder, lies, prison sentences, and coverups thoughout generations.

Suddenly, Cristian’s life and his family are in danger, but his search for the truth cannot stop. He needs to know. Will he finally uncover everything, or will his quest lead him to his death?

Vengeance Overdue is an intense thriller that will knock you off your feet. Is your family what it seems?

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