We Are Still Supposed To Be Slaves

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April 6, 2021
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April 11, 2021

“We Are Still Supposed To Be Slaves: -The Chronicles of Being Black in America” by G B Lynch

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An easy to read, hard to put down, page-turner that exposes the Black experience in America. If you seek out hidden history, this is for you. Take a mental and often emotional journey to expose the truth. Take a literary trip to answer the question- why do Black people get treated the way they do? Others have their own history but the Black experience is unique. The chronicles of Black America lead back to the very beginning. We are all living in a historical drought. Much of the history that Black people have been taught is wrong. Then there’s the issue of how much of Black history has been left out altogether. Reading this literary work will uncover some of the history that is unknown by many. The blueprint for the enslaved never included a path to freedom. If some people were honest, they feel Black people are still supposed to be slaves.

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