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October 29, 2021
The Pig Wars
November 1, 2021

“Wild Love” by Dawn Kinz

When a small-town baker receives an order for a naughty cake, she has no idea she’s walking into a trap.

Dawn Michaels, owner of a bakery called ConfectionatelyYours, receives an order that not only raises her eyebrows, but nearly makes her faint. How can she turn down a job that offers more than a month’s rent in pay when she’s facing the lights being shut off?

The catch? The cake has to be shaped like, um, well, imagine an eggplant emoji…

Maverick Wild is anything but what his name suggests. Stoic, cold, calculating, he’s in control of his domain. So, when an adorable baker crashes an important business event, he’s instantly determined to find out who’s sabotaging him—and she’s going to help him.

Love is out of the question for the wealthy eligible bachelor.
Can he stop himself from investing in the sweet young woman? Can she keep her shameful secret and keep the lights on? Or will both their worlds crash and burn?

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