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“You And You Alone” by Cleofe Sandoval

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Are you attracting narcissists into your life over and over again? As soon as you escape the clutches of one, you find yourself giving everything you have to another? “You and You Alone” will help you break free and learn to give everything to the one person who truly deserves it – You.

Author Cleofe Sandoval unveils her entertaining and sometimes foolish life to help you tap into your forgiveness and strength. You don’t have to give up; you can cut off the narcissist that’s holding you back and let go.

Shit happens. Unfortunately for me, a lot of shit has happened for a reason. It wasn’t until I learned to love myself that I began to heal and live the life I always envisioned.

You and You Alone is my story—I’ve been a foolish girl, I’ve also been wise on my path toward trying to live my best life. But the common denominator? I always loved others at my own expense. In the past, with every relationship I had, I learned something new. Through my healing journey, the most critical lesson became clear; I had to love myself.

When I looked inside and loved what I found, I realized I’d sought approval and validation from men for most of my life. You and You Alone is my story. I hope that my stories entertain you, inspire you, and maybe even encourage you to have the strength you need to heal.

You and You Alone have the power to take control of your life. Will you?

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